Gladyshevskii Roman Yevhenovych

Gladyshevskii Roman Yevhenovych

— Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor

Tel.: (+38 032) 255-41-00


The Vice-Rector for Research is in charge of the following activities:

  • control over the implementation of decisions taken by public authorities responsible for higher education, decrees by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, decisions taken by the Scholarly Council of the University, Rector’s decrees and decisions taken by the Rectorate;
  • research of scientific institutes (centres), faculties, colleges, general university departments and individual academic divisions of the University on a budget, competitive and contract basis (planning, coordination, monitoring, reporting);
  • organizing events to meet the criteria of a research university;
  • cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, sectoral academies, other universities by means of establishing cross-sectoral educational and research divisions;
  • planning and implementation of joint research projects by the University researchers and foreign higher education establishments and academic institutions;
  • exploring scientific achievements worldwide and their implementation in the University;
  • arrangement of qualifying exams for Candidates of Sciences;
  • planning creative vacations for the teaching and research staff;
  • scientific work of students;
  • research activities at scientific field stations;
  • organization of student competitions and research paper contests;
  • participation of the University in science and technology fairs;
  • implementing scientific developments in production;
  • election and re-election of research fellows and their re-certification;
  • material assistance to the learning process and scientific research;
  • distribution and use of equipment and materials for scientific work;
  • work of specialised academic councils for dissertation presentations;
  • holding competitions and exhibitions of research papers and editions;
  • occupational safety measures and accident prevention in the course of research activities;
  • preparation of prompt responses to organizations and public appeals related to the above-mentioned areas;
  • organization of scientific conferences;
  • work of the University Scientific and Technical Council;
  • work of faculty libraries and control over supplying textbooks and methodological literature to the libraries.



1980 – He graduated from the Ivan Franko State University of Lviv, Faculty of Chemistry.

1980-1981 – Engineer at the R&D Institute of Materials (Lviv), 1982-1988 – postgraduate student, Engineer, Senior Research Fellow at Lviv Polytechnic Institute.

1987 – He presented his Candidate dissertation at the Lomonosov State University of Moscow.

1988-1990 – Senior Research Fellow at Department of Semiconductor Physics at Lviv University.

1990-1997 – Research Fellow at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), Professor at the University of Savoy (France).

1997 – He started doctoral studies at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry at Lviv University. 2001 – He presented his Doctoral thesis in Lviv.

2000-2005 – He was granted the academic titles of Docent and Professor.

2006 – Chairperson of Department of Inorganic Chemistry at Lviv University and Head of Scientific School «Crystal Chemistry».

2012 – Elected Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Crystal Chemistry.

Member of the Bureau of Scientific Council for Inorganic Chemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (since 2003), Head of Committee of Crystallographers of Ukraine (since 2004), member of Expert Council for the Examination of Dissertations in Chemical Sciences of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (since 2006), member of Academic Council of Lviv University, member of the Specialized Academic Council for Chemical Sciences at Lviv University; Editor-in-Chief of International Journal «Chemistry of Metals and Alloys – Хімія металів і сплавів» (since 2008); Head of the Organizing Committee of the International Conference in Crystal Chemistry of Intermetallic Compounds (since 2002), School for Young Researchers «Diffraction Methods for Determining the Structure of Substance», Regional Competition for Pupils «Crystals»; IUCr member, NTSh (Shevchenko Scientific Society) member.

In 1981, Roman Gladyshevskii was awarded Medal of the USSR Academy of Sciences for the best student paper. In 2008, he became the laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology; he also received ICDD awards (USA, 2008-2012).



Investigation of constitution diagrams of systems, crystal structure and physical properties in order to establish the correlation between composition, structure and properties of inorganic compounds, including intermetallic compounds and high-temperature superconductors. Co-author of 16 monographs (e.g. Landolt-Börnstein series), 3 review articles, 7 patents and 532 academic articles and abstracts. He supervised 8 dissertations which were defended at Lviv University, and co-supervised five dissertations which were defended abroad.

He teaches the following courses at Lviv University: Inorganic Chemistry, Crystal Chemistry, Methods to Determine Crystal Structure of Substance, Applied Crystal Chemistry, Physical Properties of Inorganic Materials; he also taught a course in crystallography at the University of Savoy. He prepared 19 teaching materials such as textbooks in crystal chemistry in English and French. In 2010, Roman Gladyshevskii was elected Academician of the Higher Education Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.