It is interesting with us

Meetings with famous people

Nobel laureates, public figures, and people of show business, professors from top-rank universities all over the world. In 2016,  272 272 foreign guests from 17 countries visited the University: 36 within cooperation agreements, 23 for internship, 54 for delivering lectures, 29 for participating in conferences and workshops, 27 within the Erasmus+ programme. 


International exchange programs

Competitions, grants, studies abroad, internships: as of May 2017,  796 university teachers and students visited 39 countries: 

133 participated in conferences and workshops,
27 conducted research,
54 had their internships,
16 as participants of academic mobility programmes, 
174 within cooperation agreements, 
44 within the Erasmus+ programme, 
28 for coordinating meetings, 
45 for other purposes. 
275  students are studying at foreign universities. 


Activities and leisure

Competitions, sport activities and

workshops, recreation places, trips,


  • Biological and geographical station (Shatsk, Volyn region),
  • Highland biological station (Kvasy, Transcarpathian region),
  • Sports camp «Karpaty» (Chynadiyeve, Transcarpathian region),
  • Laboratory of ecological and geological researches in Verkhnie Syniovydne,
  • Dnister geographical station,
  • Roztochchia landscape geophysical station.

It is useful with us

Research facilities

  • Scientific library
  • Astronomical observatory
  • Botanical Garden
  • Herbarium
  • Laboratories
  • Institutes

Students’ government

  • Social activities
  • Participation in cultural, artistic and commemorative events
  • Activities of the University


Distinguished scientists and teachers, contemporary methods of teaching.

Teaching and educational process

Students’ competitions and Olympiads. 

In 2016, students published 324 academic articles and delivered 739 conference reports.

As of May 2017, there are 13 winners of Ukrainian students’ Olympiad.

6 students are winners of the 11th S. O. Lebediev – V.M. Hlushkov Open International  Olympiad for Students in programming «KPI-Open» in 2016. 

In 2016, 3 students were winners of the finals of the World Championship in team programming; 

3 students became winners of the All-Ukrainian Students’ Tournament in philosophy; 

3 students were winners of the All-Ukrainian Student’s Olympiad in programming. 


It is a prospect with us


Promising specialties, graduates’ employment, high level of knowledge, contacts with enterprises.

Meeting people

Meeting famous people, opportunities to show your skills.

Reserach activities

Possibility of realizing scientific interests at the University.


University students are distinguished by erudition and competence.