Electronic learning (e-learning) – a system of education created with the use of information and communication technologies, which nowadays are widely used by both students and teachers. The system of e-learning can be applied for training courses, getting information and communication between teachers and students regardless of time and location.

E-learning is successfully used in most developed countries because of many advantages:

  • it is available at any place and at any time;
  • it allows to use the most different and the latest training methods (text, video, tests, etc.);
  • it provides students with the opportunity to communicate among themselves and with teachers online outside the classroom;
  • simultaneous reference of a large number of students to many sources of educational information;
  • application of the latest information technology achievements in educational process that contribute to human entry into the global information space;
  • the use of specialized forms for controlling the quality of educational achievements.

The use of e-learning allows teachers to organize the training process qualitatively and efficiently. It also allows the preservation of general principles of traditional educational process and makes it more interesting and available.

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv also makes an important step towards the implementation of e-learning. For this purpose the special courses “Information Technologies in Education” are held at university where teachers are taught to use modern information technologies and e-learning system based on the platform “Moodle”, that the University has used successfully for a long period of time, in the educational process.