Events organized after the main teaching time prove a significant format of the physical education of students. <a href=”” target=”_blank”>The Department of Physical Education and Sports</a> annually hosts students contests between faculties in 24 kinds of sports. The university team has been taking part in the students games with the participation of the higher educational establishments of Lviv Region. It often gets prizes in many kinds of sports. The most successful are the teams of the students of the university in chess, badminton, judo, sambo, karate-do, powerlifting, basketball and handball. We also hold competitions for the freshers each year in five kinds of sports as well as contests on the Day of Physical Culture and the Day of the University where participants compete in sport games, aerobics, futsal, volleyball and some other sports as well as such popular sporting competitions as “Cossacks Games” and “Strongmen Games”. The crowning of sports life at the university falls on the annual sports evening where apart from looking back at the achievements prizes are awarded to the sportsmen and coaches.

<u><a href=”” target=”_blank”>The Centre for Culture and Leisure</a></u> together with other interested bodies of the university organizes an annual <em>Talents of Franko’s University</em> arts festival. The participants can show their best here in singing, playing string instruments, dancing and drama. The University Students Trade Union Branch is the host of two annual general knowledge contests <em>Spring at the University</em> and <em>Autumn</em> <em>at the University</em>. These give a chance to students from each faculty to show their quick wits and sense of humour.