It's interesting

The best research institutes, prominent schools

A variety of research units  – specialized institutes (Institute of Franko Studies) and general institutions (Institute of European Integration). 

Кращі наукові інститути, прогресивні школи

In total, institutes — 9

Кількість інститутів

International programs

We are active participants in international internship programs, such as: Erasmus, Marie Curie Sklodowska Actions (Horizon 2020).

The exchanges with leading universities — 16

Обміни з провідними світовими університетами

Wide range of specialties and specializations

Широкий вибір спеціальностей та спеціалізацій

Bachelor in 68 specialties (77 educational programs) of full-time education  and 16 specialties (25 educational programs) of extramural education   

Master in 51 specialties (92 educational programs) of full-time education  and 15 specialties (19 educational programs) of extramural education 

Specialist in 27 specialties (43 educational programs) of full-time education  and 16 specialties (22 educational programs) of extramural education 

Junior Specialist in 8 specialties (11 educational programs) of full-time education  and 2 specialties (2 educational programs) of extramural education 


Cultural and educational life

Folk Song and Dance Ensemble «Cheremosh»
Folk Male Choir «Prometheus»
Chamber Orchestra
Folk bandura Choir «Lucifer»
Folk girls’ choir «Lira»
Society for learning to play the reed pipe
Modern ballet «Fantasy»
Folk band «Barva»
The band «Schmetterling»
Educational and professional theater «Proscenium»

Student mass media:
Franko TV
Journal «Kameniar»

It's scientific

The best lecturers and scholars

The educational process is provided by 204 Doctors of Science and 1 122 Candidates of Sciences. Research projects are conducted by 1 892 scholars. 

Research facilities

2 000 computers

over 40  computer classrooms
over 90 laboratories 

Powerful research institutions:
Astronomical Observatory
Scientific library
Botanical Garden
6 museums 

The Faculties have their own multimedia rooms. 



Our patents 

We registered 24  patents in 2016. As of April 2017, we have applied for 18patents of Ukraine, including 5 inventions.  

Our national heritage

  • Manuscripts, old and rare books of our library 
  • «Research equipment complex for studying artificial celestial bodies of the near space at the Astronomical Observatory» 
  • The collection of tropical and subtropical plants in the Botanical Garden 
  • Scientific collections and exhibitions of the Zoological museum 
  • Collection of antibiotic-producing microorganisms 
  • Herbarium 

It's prestigious

Our alumni

The best at economics:
Sheremeta P.M. — Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

There are three graduates of the Faculty of International Relations in the Forbes ranking Ukrainian economists: Top Economic Thinkers

Paul Blavatskyi — Professor at Murdoch  School of Management and Governance

Valery Sibilkov — Docent of the Lubar School of Business at  University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Valentyn Panchenko — Docent of School of Economics at  the University of  New South Wales

The best in IT field:
T.V. Kytsmei — the founder of a successful Ukrainian company specializing in outsource.

Socially active members:
I.M. Kalynets — poet and novelist, one of the leading representatives of the so-called “late-sixties” generation and dissident  movement in Ukraine, political prisoner

D.V. Pavlychko — Ukrainian poet, translator, literary critic

I.R. Yukhnovskyi — Ukrainian physicist, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Academician of  NAS of Ukraine

S.I. Vakarchuk — Ukrainian musician, vocalist, leader of the rock band “Okean Elzy”, composer.


In the world web-rating Webometrics, we take 5th place among Ukrainian universities. 

Among universities in Ukraine, our University ranks  3rd according to the Hirsch index and 4th according to the Scopus data. 

In 2015, Lviv University ranked in the top 3 of Ukrainian universities  according to the University Ranking by Academic Performance.   



International partners

Our partners in the world are:
130  institutions,
38 countries.

Світові партнери