Based on the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technologies, the University and the company “SiTime” opened a new educational laboratory for sensor electronics.

This year, the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technologies of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Though a recent addition, the IT sphere and modern electronics at this establishment currently encompass educated academics and tech-savvy youth eagerly focusing on the advancement of their skills, as well as ever more oncoming partner organizations taking root in the area. Most recently, one of these collaborations brought the University and the faculty, in particular, another successful project – the creation of an educational laboratory of “Sensor Electronics” together with the company SiTime, which specializes in the development of semiconductor digital time synchronization devices.

Today, the Department of Sensory and Semiconductor Electronics officially opened a laboratory at 107 General Tarnavskyi Street in the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technologies building. Among those present, in addition to the university administration and the faculty, were company representatives: Serhiy Vlasenko, head of SiTime Ukraine and Anton Prygrodskyi, chief of the engineering department, and Serhiy Macek, director of the company’s systems and technical department.

The Rector of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Professor Volodymyr Melnyk, gave a welcome speech: “Actually, this is an event that allows us to talk about Lviv University as an educational institution that sets ambitious goals and achieves them thanks to modern solutions. Facing the demands of modern times, merging academic and technical competence has been a challenge. Thanks to research collaborations such as our partnership with “SiTime”, we can guarantee that students in technology courses receive vital academic understanding, expertise and real-world experiences that will be vital for future success in the job market. It is an immense source of pride for the faculty and department that, as they improve ways to use IT, they remember that progress in the future cannot happen without the inclusion of sensor technology. Furthermore, a few units at Ukrainian universities provide training on this topic.

Serhiy Vlasenko greeted the attendees on behalf of the company: “It is no secret that cooperation is ideal when it takes place in conditions of mutual benefit. And this is precisely the unique case when an educational institution and a technology company found a common view that today it is necessary to build a high-quality education system that will train qualified personnel for the IT sphere, in particular for our company. Therefore, I am very pleased that today we already have the first real and significant results – the opening of the Sensory Electronics laboratory, which is necessary for research.”

The company’s engineers also answered questions from the audience and demonstrated the operation of individual research complexes in the laboratory.

In general, the “Sensor Electronics” laboratory will be an opportunity for students and scientists to conduct experimental research in the areas of “Digital Signal Processing”, “Electronic Systems Testing”, “Electromechanical Automation Systems”, “Sensor Electronics”, “Sensor Systems” etc.

Also, the faculty plans to open an “Electronics Circle” based on the educational laboratory. It will allow interested students to work on mini-projects: individually and in teams during extracurricular hours.

The opening of such an educational hub was made possible thanks to equal financial support from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and the SiTime company. The material and technical base of the laboratory includes the latest digital equipment, such as oscilloscopes, power sources, signal generators, multimeters, frequency meters, logic analyzers, a 3D printer and relevant computer equipment for a total of about three million hryvnias.

All this technology will also be useful for the future research of our scientists, who have already been awarded high State awards and continue their development at the department: Kushlyk Markiyan, Shpotyuk Yaroslav, Pavlyk Bohdan and others.

We are sure that the filling of the laboratory is another step towards the success of the faculty in scientific and technical discoveries. We sincerely thank the SiTime company for supporting Ukrainian education, which, in this complicated time, become an important aspect of educating our youth.

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