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Scientific Exchanges and Internships

  • Institutions of the National Academy of Scinces of Ukraine is the basis for training university scholars during their internship. 
  • Researchers from Institutions of NAS of Ukraine are lecturers for University students and opponents at dissertations defences. 
  • University professors are members of the Academic Councils of Institutes of NAS of Ukraine for defending Doctoral and Candidate dissertations. 

We are cooperative

Guidelines for collaboration

  • Education and Science
    — Common research results are published in leading academic journals in Ukraine and abroad, presented at various scientific conferences;
    — Lecturers and researchers participate in joint scientific conferences that take place at academic institutions; 
  • Development of the State
    — Representatives of state and municipality participate in the events taking place at the University;
    — Forum of Eastern Partnership;
    — In 2016, the University conducted research within three projects commissioned by the State Foundation for Fundamental Research, within two project funded by the State Budget, and within six projects on the preservation of objects of national heritage of Ukraine and within three contract projects.
  • Business 
    — Meetings with potential employers; 
    — The University initiatives are sponsored by business companies: EPAM, KredoBank,  PrivatBankSoftServe, ELEKS, UARNET, IT-cluster

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Joint Projects and Topics 

Researchers of the University and Institutes of NAS of Ukraine cooperate in conducting research projects for the State Fund of Fundamental Research, international agreements and projects. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine approved the results of the competitive selection of projects, and the Scientific and Technical Council of the University included 16 new research projects for the year 2017. 


35 Institutes of NAS of Ukraine in Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv; Sectoral Academies of Sciences of Ukraine; Main Astronomical Observatory; Botanical Garden of National Jurisdiction; enterprises and institutions.

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Quotes by famous people

Andriy Sadovyi

«We can not imagine our city without Lviv University. No University, No City»

«Wise University means wise Lviv, wise Lviv means wise Ukraine»

Andriy Sadovyi, Mayor of the City of Lviv
Bohdan Kozak

«Everything good comes from the Lviv University»

Bohdan Kozak, People's Artist of Ukraine
Vyacheslav Voynarovskyi

«Ivan Franko University of Lviv is a model of European identity and the best platform for its implementation. It formed a pleiad of mentors who brought up several generations of young diplomats»

Vyacheslav Voynarovskyi, Spokesman of Foreign Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv

We are prestigious

International cooperation

In 2016, the University signed 15 cooperation agreements and 2 agreements on double diplomas, as well as prolonged 2agreements. As of May 2017, 147 agreements were signed with higher educational establishments and institutions from 38countries. 

Міжнародна співпраця

We are cooperative

Progressive International Projects and Programs

We actively participate in the competitions of the following projects: TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus +the program of academic mobility “Mevlana“, which provides the exchange of students and teachers with universities in Turkey. During 2016, the University hosted 4 international summer schools. 


New Academic Initiatives

  • An International Certification Program of Computational Mathematics at higher level (in English language) was offered to Masters of the Faculties of Mechanics and Mathematics, Electronics and Applied Mathematics and Informatics by Lviv University and Julius Maximilian University of Wurzburg.
  • In cooperation with the University of East Carolina (USA), University of Jimmy (Ethiopia), University of Shandong (China) a pilot project intruducing the course of “Global Understanding” to provide a unique experience of communication using the latest information technology was launched for the fist time in Ukraine at the Faculty of International Relations for students of different specialties.

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International Foundations and Funds are our Partners

The US Agency for International Development (USAID), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Visegrad Fund, Slovak Aid, Austrian Academic Exchange Agency (ОЕАD), Leopolis for Future Foundation.

Vectors of Cooperation

  • Education and Science
    In 2016,521university teachers visited 39 countries. 5 275  students went to study at foreign universities. 272guests from 17 countries visited the University. 
  • Development of the State
  • Business

We are successful

Quotes by Famous People

Peter Burian

«Your city and your University is the best example of the European identity of Ukraine»

Peter Burian, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic
Zhang Xiyun

«Those specialists who studied here played a major role in the economic development of China»

Zhang Xiyun, Ambassador of China in Ukraine
Isabelle Dumont

«In view of positive dynamics and experience of extensive cooperation between the Embassy of France, French universities and Lviv University it seems reasonable to outline the perspectives of widening and deepening Ukrainian-French relations, as well as to work out effective mechanisms for further cooperation»

Isabelle Dumont, Ambassador of France in Ukraine