imagesThe result of the active cooperation of the University with leading international institutions and universities is joint educational programs. During 2015, there were more than 15 agreements of cooperation and mobility signed with such educational institutions, as Julius Maximilians University of Wurzburg (Germany), Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany), Bilecik University (Turkey), University of Yamaguchi (Japan), Western Michigan University (USA) and others. Each agreement is accompanied by a specific work program, which is annually supplemented by new academic initiatives, projects and programs. An example of effective cooperation may serve the cooperation with Wurzburg University: during the first year two joint seminars took place, a joint certified Master Course was introduced; six project applications for various programs and international funds were submitted.

The University participates in the EU program of international academic exchanges “Erasmus Mundus”, “Partnership”. This program is fully funded by the European Union, giving students a chance to study at a European partner university for one or two semesters. Graduate students have the opportunity to work on their dissertations at partner universities within 10-30 months. Teachers and scientists have the opportunity to do an internship or perform scientific or methodical project within 1-10 months, depending on the project.

Particularly active is the cooperation between the Law Faculty of the University and Maribor University. Other universities in Italy are involved in a joint master’s program, where students have the opportunity to study and take practice.

The University has initiated the implementation of joint English speaking programs and courses with foreign partner universities. In particular, this is an international certification program of Computational Mathematics of higher level, which, within the cooperation with Julius Maximilian University of Wurzburg in the 2014-2015 academic year offered courses for Masters of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Department of Electronics and Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. The language of instruction is English. Certification program consists of five courses (each of which corresponds to 5 ECTS credits):

  • Computational Mathematics of higher level I – P Taras Banakh (LNU);
  • Computational Mathematics of higher level II – P Alexander Wolf (University of Wurzburg);
  • Graph Theory I – Docent Yuri Ishchuk (LNU);
  • Graph Theory II – Dr. Joachim Shpoerher (Wurzburg University);
  • German Language – Teachers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Lubomyr Borakovskyy, Oksana Molderf and Olena Shyryaeva).

Further cooperation with the University of Wurzburg is planned to take place through the introduction of similar certification programs for Economic, Law and Physical faculties.

Of particular note is a project of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) “Fair Justice”, within which the Faculty of Law successfully conducted the first in Ukraine external independent assessment of the quality of education. Following the project a team of international experts proposed the Facultty recommendations for improving the educational process, as well as the Strategic Planning Committee was established under the leadership of Prof. Andriy Boyko (the Dean of the Faculty). The result of the work of this committee is the development of the Strategy of the Faculty of Law in 2015-2020, which was approved by the Academic Council of the Faculty in April 2015.