Ours is an extensive infrastructure

Our infrastructure

Around 30 buildings, 8 dormitories, more than 200 laboratories and more than 40 computer classes, conference halls, and a sports complex.

The structure of the University 

19 Faculties, 148 Departments, 3 Colleges and the Institute of Postgraduate Education and Pre-University Training, 9 Institutes, 6 Museums, the Botanical Garden, the Astronomical Observatory, the Science Library.


We are prospective

Research Resources

Research is conducted by204 Doctors of Science and 1 122 Candidates of Science, about  2000 scholars and lecturers at the Research and Development Department.  


Academic Titles

There are about 200 professors, about 800 associate professors at the University.


About 2 183 lecturers work at the University.

We are successful


In 2016, 272researchers and lecturers  from17 countries visited the University: 36 according to the cooperation agreements, 23 for internship, 54 for delivering lectures, 29 for participating in conferences and workshops; 27 according to the Erasmus+ programme. 



In 2016, researchers of the University had 2 763 reports at academic conferences. 

The staff members, doctoral and post-graduate students of the University presented 14 doctoral dissertations and 137 candidate dissertations in 2016. 

In 2016, the University was awarded twice for publishing activities in the most prestigious scientific databases: 

– Award ‘Leader of Science of Ukraine 2016 – Web of Science’ by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Thomson Reuters Company; 

– Scopus Awards Ukraine by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Elsevier Company in the field of “Social Sciences”. 



In 1996-2017, the researchers of the University published about 6 000  academic papers in the journals included in the Scopus Scientometric Database. 

In 2016, the researchers of the University published 88  monographs,  21  textbooks,  118 manuals, 3 896  articles (including 262 articles in journals with impact factor, 280  articles in Scopus-ranked journals and 452 in other foreign editions). 




In 2016, the University conducted 77research projects: 56 projects were financed by the state budget, 15 projects were subsidized by international grants, 6 projects were the grants for the conservation of objects of the national heritage of Ukraine. 

We are prestigious

Our History

Ours is more than 355 years history of the formation of Ukrainian and world elite: Ivan Franko, Yakiv Holovatskyi, Ivan Vahylevych, Markian Shashkevych, Mykhaylo Hrushevsky, Stepan Banakh, Rudolf Vayhyl, Stanislaw Lem, Hugo Steinhaus.


Our Renome

Lviv University is a world-renowned brand, which has earned its reputation in science.

We are Proud of

31 — Doctors Honoris Causa of the University, prominent personalities of modern education, science and politics of Ukraine and the world
85 — Professors Emeritus of the University

We are cooperative

We are trained

The University organized training courses for the staff:

  • Language Courses (German, English, Greek, Spanish, Persian, Arabic, Japanese and Polish);

Within the framework of collaboration with Microsoft: Microsoft Imagine Academy

  • «Use of MS Office»
  • «Java Fundamentals»
  • «С++ Fundamentals»

We are supported

To encourage the scientific staff of Scientific Research and promote scientific research leading scientists prepared a draft of «Basic Research in the Natural Sciences» in January and February 2015 on the initiative of the administration. For its realization the University received an international grant of 628 thousand UAH from «Material Phases of Data System» (Switzerland).

We are promoted

The University favors the initiatives of the staff and promotes their implementation.