On May 19-20, 2019 an annual International Student Conference of the Faculty of Foreign Languages “Topical issues of linguistics, world literature, and literary artistic translation” was held. Participants from Ukraine (Lviv, Kyiv, Khmelnytskyi, Mariupol, Ostrog), France, Greece, and Poland delivered 80 scientific reports.

On the behalf of Dean of faculty of Foreign Languages Volodymyr Sulym, the conference was opened by Lina Glushchenko, Deputy Dean for Scientific Work, putting emphasis on the perspective of students’ researches.

The Conference sums up the scientific works of students of the Faculty in the 2019 year, demonstrates the level of scientific researches and is regarded as a real celebration of student scientific work – an indispensable part of studies at University,” Lina Mykhailivna noted.
By the way, the Deputy Dean mentioned the the stages of scientific growth of the students of the faculty: first experience in Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, preparation of abstracts for junior courses, writing of course and master’s works, the opportunity to receive professional advice from the best scientists of the faculty and to continue research work in the postgraduate study.

From the Faculty members of the Conference, the Head of the Department of German philology, Professor Bogdan Maksymchuk, who touched upon the philosophical issues of modern linguistics, congratulated and emphasized on true scientific values. In particular, Bogdan Maksymchuk drew the attention of the Conference participants to the world-wide discoveries made by young people aged 23-25 in European linguistics. Among such scholars are Danish Rasmus Rask, German Franz Bopp, and others.

Clémentine Vaucelle, the Master of the Le Mans Université and Mierina Andriantsehenoharinala, the Master of the Sorbonne University of Paris III, warmly and enthusiastically greeted colleagues with the beginning of the conference. They, as future teachers of French as a foreign language, came to Lviv due to the initiative of the Alliance Française in Lviv in order to spread French language and culture, exchange, conduct classes with students and acquire professional skills in teaching.

Then Lina Glushchenko spoke in details about the summary of scientific work of students in 2018, having analyzed the dynamics of increase in quantitative indicators of publications (articles, theses, translations), stable high level of scientific activity of students of the Faculty, and also noted the reserves of improvement of efficiency of student scientific work.

Noting the winners and prizewinners of all-Ukrainian competitions and olympiads held in 2018 and 2019, Lina Mykhailivna emphasized that students “demonstrated the ability to critically study scientific literature, systematize, analyze, summarize language facts and defend their views in scientific discussion”. The conference congratulated the winners of this year’s All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on the specialty “English Language and Literature” – student Ivanna Turega (INP-41c) and specialty “Translation (German language)” – student Olga Marchuk (INM-41s).

In addition, it was about internal stimulus measures on the results of the research work of students, in particular, monetary rewards, additional points for the appointment of scholarships, admission to the magistracy and postgraduate study, priority in employment and a recommendation for internships in foreign educational institutions and for participation in international the training programs (Erasmus +, the German DAAD exchange service, the France-Ukraine Federation of Exchanges and the Association “Exchange Burgundy – Champagne-Ukraine”, etc.), as described Deputy Dean of International Cooperation Olga Ivaschyshyn.

At the plenary session the winners of the II stage of the All-Ukrainian contest of student’s scientific papers on the specialty “Translation” presented the reports: the student of the IV course of the Department of Intercultural Communication and Translation Victoria Fok (Doctor of Law, Associate Professor Borakovsky L. A.), who won the honorary third place in this competition, and Bogdana Synyakewych, the Master of the Hryhoriy Kochur Department of Translation Studies and Constructive Linguistics (Ph.D., assistant professor Fediv O. Ye.), who received a diploma of the 1st degree. After the presentation of the reports, there was a lively discussion, attended by students and professors.

After the participants of the Conference continued the work due to such thematical directions: derivatology, discourse analysis, contrastive linguistics, lexical semantics, linguistic pragmatics, linguistic stylistics, linguistic studies, intercultural communication, phraseology, the history of artistic translation, the theory and practice of translation, genology, theory and history of literature.

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