Ivan Mykhailovych (26.07.1931, the village of Mykolaivka, now Volnovakha region, Donetsk oblast’) – a literary critic, culturologist, public figure and participant of the shistdesiatnyky movement. He graduated from the Faculty of Philology of Donetsk University (1953) and postgraduate study at the Institute of literature (1956). In 1557-62 and 1968-71 he worked in the “Dnipro” publishing house; in 1958-63 he was the Head of The Department of Criticism of the “Vitchyzna” (Motherland) magazine; in 1964-68 he was a corrector in the “Ukrainian Biochemical Journal”; in 1972 he was imprisoned for anti-Soviet propaganda with the prohibition to publish articles about Ukrainian literature; in 1974-82 he worked at the Kyiv car plant; 1992-94 he was the Minister of Culture of Ukraine; 1997-2004 he was the Academic Secretary.

Research interests: modern literary process and the history of Ukrainian literature, works by O.Kobylianska, Lesia Ukrainka, O.Dovzhenko, O.Biletskyi, I.Senchenko, M.Vinhranovskyi and others.

He is the author of such works: “Ordinary Man” or burgher? (К., 1959); Internationalism or russification? (London, 1968); On the pulse of the age (К., 1981); Stefan Zorian in the history of Armenian literature (K. 1982); Autographs of the Renaissance (K. 1986); Taras Shevchenko’s “The Caucasus” against the background of an impassable past (1996); Between culture and politics (K. 1998); From the well of the ages (К., 2006, Vol. 1–3); Taras Shevchenko: life and works (К., 2008).

He is the laureate of the Shevchenko National Prize (1991); he has been a Secretary-General of NANU (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) (since 1992); Chairman of the Committee of the Shevchenko National Prize (since 2001); Dr. honoris causa of Lviv University (2001).

Literature: ULE. Vol. 2; Telniuk S. Encyclopedic work // Lit. Ukraine. 1990. March, 1; Ivan Dziuba through the eyes of shistdesiatnyky // Word and time. 2001. № 7; In fact, it was like this: Yuriy Zaitsev’s interview with Ivan Dzyuba. Lviv, 2001; Pavlyshyn M. Phenomenon and norm: Ivan Dziuba, critic // Dziuba I. From the well of the ages. K., Vol. 1; Ivan Dziuba’s phenomenon. K., 2007.

M. Ilnytskyi