Dovhyi Yaroslav Ostapovych (30.IX.1933, village Nimshyn now Halych Region Ivano-Frankivsk oblast’) – phisician, Cand. Sc. Physics and Mathematics (Investigation of optical properties of gyrotropic crystals and molecular crystals with impurities, 1964), assistant professor  (1966), Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics (Optical spectra and energy structure of nonlinear crystals, 1985), professor. (1987). Graduated from faculty of physics in Lviv National University (1956), post graduate studying at Physics institute (1960). In 1960–66 teaching assistant. 1966–87 assistant professor., Since 1987 professor at experimental physics department Lviv National University

Research interests: discovered a new type of elementary excitations in gyrotropic crystals – circular excitons; substantiated the role of thelocality principle in optical dispersion relations; drew a rule that makes it possible to optimize the search for new nonlinear optical crystals for laser radiation transducers (D. – Kitik rule); developed a method for predicting the durability of gas lasers by the parameters of the discharge plasma; for the first time deciphered the band energy structure of important nonlinear optical crystals; obtained original results on the laser irradiation effect on the properties of high-temperature superconductors; proposed spectroscopic approaches to the study of configurational interactions in crystals; found autointercalation in the case of changes in the components content in solid solutions of layered crystals.

2 doctorate thesis advisor , 8 candidate thesis supervisor.

About 320 works, in particular. Optical quantum generators (К., 1977); Electronic structure and optics of nonlinear crystals (Lviv, 2000; with a co-author.); The magic phenomenon of superconductivity (Lviv, 2000); Electronic structure and nonlinear susceptibilities of complex acentric crystals (solid state physics. 1991. Т. 33. № 2 with a co-author.); Photoinduced and nonlinear optical phenomena in high-temperature superconductors (review) (Ukrainian physics magazine. 1996. Т. 41. № 5, 6; with a co-author.).

Full member of Shevchenko Scientific Society (1992), member of the New York Academy of Sciences (1994). Chairman of the Physical Commission of Shevchenko Scientific Society  (1999), Chairman of the O. Smakula Foundation (1996). Editor of the “Physics Collection of Shevchenko Scientific Society  “, a member of the editorial boards of several scientific and physical journals of Shevchenko Scientific Society , was awarded by National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine A.F. Prihotko’s Award  (2002).

Literature: Shopa H.М., Bondarchuk Ya..М. Creativity is his credo: Coll. in honor of Yaroslav Dovhyi. Lviv, 2003.

I. Stefansky