Yaroslav Ivanovych (30 October 1953, the village of Zymna Voda, Pustomitivskiy district, Lviv Oblast) – mathematician, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Application of renewal theorems to the asymptotic analysis of semi-Markov and branching processes, 1980), Associate Professor (1991), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Asymptotic analysis and transients in matrix-valued random evolutions, branched processes and processes with Markov case intervention, 1995), Professor (2002). He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (1976), postgraduate studies of Institute of Mathematics (1979). He worked as engineer of the Сomputing Center of the Lviv branch of mathematical physics of the Institute of Mathematics in 1979; Junior Research Fellow of Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics in 1980-85; Senior Research Fellow of Research Department in 1985-89; Assistant Lecturer in 1989-90; Associate Professor in 1990-97; Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics in 1997-99; Head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Statistics of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv since 1999.

Research interests: asymptotic properties and transients in random evolutions, branched, semi-Markov processes and processes with Markov case intervention; tasks of financial and insurance mathematics. 

Yeleiko Yaroslav Ivanovych is the author of about 100 works, among which Transient phenomena for branching processes with an arbitrary number of types and discrete time (Ukrainian mathematical journal, 1982, Vol.34. №2); Limiting distribution of time means for processes with Markov intervention of the case (Ukrainian mathematical journal, Vol.39. №6); Limiting distribution for processes with semi-Markov case intervention (Ukrainian mathematical journal, 1989, Vol.41.  №10); Some refinements on limit theorems for semi-Markov processes with arbitrary space of states (Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, 1998, №59); On the asymptotics of the maximum eigenvalue for a family of branching processes (Ukrainian mathematical journal, 1999, Vol.51. №8); Investments, risk, forecast (Lviv, 2000; with co-auth.); Fundamentals of financial analysis (Lviv, 2000; with co-auth.); Probability theory (Lviv. 2001; with co-auth.).