A unique school of blogging and content “ProPiar” was launched at the university

In today’s world, social networks are a powerful communication tool that develops at the speed of light: new applications, trends and ways of promoting content appear. So this winter, the marketing and communication department of the Center for Marketing and Development, which works directly with the strategies and development of university pages in various social networks, once again initiated an internship project for students who want to develop in the field of SMM. However, this year the project turned into a real school because it is organized jointly with the Faculty of Journalism. Among more than 40 registered students, 22 students were chosen, who started studying at the school of video and text content “ProPiar” yesterday.

“ProPiar” is a project designed to provide participants with two key opportunities: to hear “about PR” from invited famous guest bloggers and SMM specialists, who are our students or graduates, and also to try directly the practice of “promoting” a product in various social networks.
Education at the school will last for a month. However, if desired, students can continue to cooperate with the department. Each participant will receive a certificate upon completion of the course, in addition to practical experience and knowledge.

So yesterday, the first meeting of our students took place in a warm circle: over a cup of tea and in an informal atmosphere, they got to know the head of the Marketing and Development Center, Olga Osredchuk, and representatives of the SMM team of the Marketing and Communication Department, who told about the areas of the department’s work. The speeches of our guest speakers, people who work directly with social networks and content promotion for personal or business pages, were also pleasant gifts for the participants: Borys Zoriya, manager of inbound marketing and partnerships at the companies “Pecode” and “NeuroForge“, a student of economic faculty and a graduate of such an internship in 2019, and Sofia Leshishak, a video blogger on Instagram and Tiktok social networks, theatre actress Lesya Ukrainka and a graduate of the Faculty of Culture and Arts. The inspiring words of Boris and Sofia gave our students even more motivation to try their hand at social media promotion.

The intensive educational process at our school has been successfully started. Already next week, the participants will have another meeting with the new speaker, SMM manager and graduate of the Faculty of Law, Khrystyna Stetsyuk. Since the course consists not only of theory (lectures from representatives of the SMM field) but also of practice, starting this week students will also be able to try their hand at writing texts for the University’s social networks and shooting videos on Tiktok and YouTube, accompanied by specialists from the marketing department and communication

We want the course to become for the participants not just a way to spend time interestingly, but also an opportunity to experience the professions of a blogger and an SMM specialist. All doors are open to the brave, and we open ours to new knowledge and opportunities.

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