Student canteens and cafeterias of Lviv national University named after Ivan Franko are created in accordance with the order of the rector of LNU named after Ivan Franko No. 934 from 20.08.1992, according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated 31.01.1992, “About the commercialization of the state trade and public catering”. Student cafeteria is a structural subdivision of the University and acts in accordance with the Regulations on student cafeteria. The work of the student canteens and cafeterias is governed by the current legislation of Ukraine, the Charter of the University, Rector’s orders.


A list of student cafeterias and canteens:

  1. The dining room of the main building, st. Universytetska, 1
  2. The dining room of Economics faculty, Svobody Ave, 18
  3. The dining room of the Natural College, Tarnavskyi, 107
  4. The canteen № 1, Universytetska, 1
  5. The canteen № 2, Geography faculty, Doroshenko, 41
  6. The canteen of Pedagogical College № 3, Т.-Baranovskyi, 7
  7. The canteen № 4, Biology faculty, st. Hrushevskyi, 4
  8. The canteen № 5, Chemistry faculty, Kyrylo and Mefodii, 8
  9. The canteen № 6, Sports Complex, Cheremshyna, 44
  10. The canteen № 8, faculty of Culture and Arts, Valova, 18
  11. The canteen № 12, faculty of Electronics, st. Dragomanova, 50
  12. The canteen of the faculty of Journalism, Chuprynka, 49


Director of canteens: Migal Galina

Contact details:

phone number: 239 41 87