Authorized management system (AMS) ‘Sigma’ was developed, created and introduced in 1970s by the Computer Centre of Lviv University. The work on AMS development started in 1962 on the initiative of university rector M. H. Maksymovych. All in all 12 subsystems were developed: ‘Student’ ‘Lecturer’, ‘Entrant’, ‘Scientific and research department’, ‘Pedagogical load computation’, ‘Distribution of faculty positions’, ‘Salary’, ‘Control over commission execute’, ‘Business trips’, ‘Vacations’, ‘Alumni testing’, ‘Gifted rural youth’, – 8 subsystems function today. On the basis of AMS ‘Sigma’ a new information system is planned to be introduced. This system taking into account the experience of previous achievements in particular a number of European projects will allow to introduce an effective management system of educational and scientific process.


Department staff:

Hnatushun Andrii Ivanovych, – chairperson

Dziad Zorian Stepanivna – leading specialist

Klimchak Oleksandra Andriivna – leading specialist

Kurylas Tetiana Mykhailivna – leading specialist

Marchenko Volodymyr Andriiovych – leading specialist

Ryabish Vitaliy Borysovych – leading specialist

Zakharchenko Natalia Heorhiivna – software engineer of the 1st category

Maiorchak Mukhailo Ivanovych – software engineer of the 2nd category

Karpukhin Orest Anatoliiovych – software engineer

Kovalchuk Olesia Volodymyrivna – software engineer

Polubichko Oleksandr Maksymovych – software engineer

Teslins Liubov Mykolaivna – senior secretary


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Lviv, Universytetska Street, 1, room 227