General Office

The General Office accepts and registers documents (sent by email, post, courier etc.), delivers documents to the University authorities and units, registers, carries out an analysis and systematization of requests, gives information on the procedure of processing documents, conducts organizational work of the University.


Iryna Ihorivna Savchuk – manager

Nataliia Volodymyrivna Nahirna – expeditor

Khrystyna Myroslavivna Halak – typist

Liudmyla Vasylivna Denysenko – chief execution control inspector

Tetiana Mykhailivna Vasio – record keeper

Tetiana Serhiivna Polashchenko – typist

Olena Vitaliivna Kharytonova – record keeper

Olha Yevhenivna Kinash – record keeper

Mariia Mykhailivna Makar – record keeper

Contact details: 239 43 25

Fax: 261 60 48

Office hours: Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm

Address: 1 Universytetska Str., room 118


Personnel Department

The Personnel Department is in charge of staffing the University with human resources of all categories, professions and specialities, processes documents on employment, transfer, relocation, dismissal of employees in accordance with decrees of rector and labour legislation, organizes circulation of personnel documents, processes decrees on personal movement and composition of students, processes and keeps personal data sheets of staff and other personnel


Vasyl Mykhailovych Khmil – manager

Zoriana Mykhailivna Muzyka – leading specialist of the Research Fellows and Teachers Sector

Halyna Omelianivna Lysa – chief inspector of the Research Fellows and Teachers Sector

Liudmyla Antonivna Posivnych – chief inspector of the Research Fellows and Teachers Sector

Yaryna Romanivna Skalotska – chief inspector of the Research Fellows and Teachers Sector

Liudmyla Teodorivna Chaplynska – leading specialist of the Students Sector

Larysa Serhiivna Babii – inspector of the Students Sector

Zoriana Andriivna Hishchynska – inspector of the Students Sector

Roksolana Vasylivna Nahirna — leading specialist of the Support and Maintenance Staff Sector

Nataliia Petrivna Fedevych – chief inspector of the Support and Maintenance Staff Sector

Alla Mykolaivna Kobtseva – chief inspector of the Support and Maintenance Staff Sector

Contact details: 239-47-26

Research Fellows and Teachers Sector: 239-47-26

Students Sector: 239-45-76

Support and Maintenance Staff Sector: 239-41-71

Visiting hours: 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Address: : 1 Universytetska Str., room 101-104


Legal Department

The Legal Department ensures proper execution of legislative acts and other regulations. It is involved in the preparation of decrees on staff and students, represents the University in courts and other bodies when dealing with legal matters and disputes, ensures compliance with employment, pension and other legislation affecting the rights and legitimate interests of


Bohdan Danylovych Hudz – acting manager

Iryna Bohdanivna Ivanochko – in-house lawyer, authorized representative for preventing and

Anna Oleksandrivna Paienok – in-house lawyer

Yaroslav Vasyliovych Smolyn – in-house lawyer

Contact details: 239-44-30

Address: 1 Universytetska Str., room 108.



The Archive has controlled the storage of documents at the Lviv University since 1939. It accepts complete documents from units, improves scientific and research apparatus of the Archive. It is nvolved in creating and approving the nomenclature of the University, provides documents to be used in the reading room, handles thematic enquiries as well as enquiries of social and legal nature.


Vasyl Bohdanovych Herun – acting manager

Liubomyr Liubomyrovych Dykyi – archivist

Olha Volodymyrivna Hordynska – archivist in charge of Archival Documents Sector and

Pavlyna Yuriivna Volovetska – archivist

Larysa Romanivna Shelestak – archivist

Maryna Moroz – archivist

Contact details: 239-43-79

Visiting hours: Tuesday, Thursday 2 pm – 5 pm

Reading room office hours: Wednesday 10 am – 5 pm

Address: Lviv, 41 Doroshenko Str., room 14

Web site: http://archive.lnu.edu.ua/


Employment Office for Students and Graduates

Carries out an analysis of occupations sought-after in the labor market, provides students and graduates with information on vacancies, organizes events to facilitate employment of students and graduates (career days, round-table meetings, conferences, job fairs etc.), cooperates with potential employers, builds awareness of legislative regulation of labor relations among students and graduates.


Iryna Hryhorivna Snovydovych – manager

Olha Orestivna Tymkiv – leading specialist

Nataliia Viktorivna Bereziuk – inspector

Contact details: 239-46-81

Visiting hours: Monday – Friday 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Address: 1 Universytetska Str., room 01.

Web site: http://work.lnu.edu.ua/


Department of Labour Protection

The Department of Labour Protection takes measures to improve the existing level of labour protection, develops programmes in order to improve labour protection, informs and provides staff and students with explanations about labour safety, monitors the compliance with laws and other regulations on labor protection, maintains control of the educational


Ivan Vasyliovych Chervak – manager

Bohdan Oleksiiovych Hur – 1st category engineer

Oleksandr Yosypovych Melnyk – leading specialist

Mariia Mykhailivna Mykiievych – 1st category engineer

Oksana Izydorivna Voloshyn – 1st category engineer

Halyna Izydorivna Khodus – 1st category engineer

Contact details: 239-41-49

Address: Lviv, 41 Doroshenko Str.


Fire Safety Service

The Fire Safety Service oversees the observance of laws and other acts on fire safety at the University, monitors timely implementation of fire prevention measures during refurbishment, renovation and re-equipment of the University facilities, devises evacuation plans for staff and students, arranges briefings on the maintenance and use of fire protection equipment for the University staff.


Yevhenii Mykhailovych Sorokopud – manager

Orest Stepanovych Onysko – fire safety instructor

Tetiana Mykolaivna Prodai – 1st category engineer

Contact details: 239-45-15


Military Mobilization Division

The Military Mobilization Division carries out military mobilization work at the university, keeps records of students and staff subject to conscription, сonscripts, preconscripts, draws up reports on the state of mobilization preparation, builds awareness among students and staff subject to conscription, prepares and issues certificates of conscription deferment.


Kuzma Ivanovych Myroniuk – manager

Lesia Teodorivna Vladimirova – chief inspector

Tetiana Mykolaivna Kachmaryk – chief engineer

Contact details: 239-47-59

Address: : Lviv, 41 Doroshenko Str.


Division of Emergency

The Division of Emergency plans measures to prevent emergencies and monitors their implementation, develops measures to protect participants of the educational process from the factors of probable emergencies, conducts timely and accurate briefing of the University staff on dangers and emergencies, controls the accumulation and storage of personal protective equipment designed to be used if any emergency should arise.


Roman Stepanovych Buldiak – manager

Contact details: 239-32-83


Department of Technical Equipment

The Department of Technical Equipment ensures technical support of educational process by supplying parts and expandable items, repairs of computer hardware, office and laboratory equipment, as well as redundancy of worn equipment and technical materials, provides installation and сontrol of network equipment, maintenance of multimedia learning tools.


Volodymyr Dmytrovych Zaplatynskyi – manager

Ivan Yosypovych Kobyletskyi – chief manager of the Laboratory of disassembly and recycling of worn technical equipment

Contact details: 239-47-05


Сlassified Information Department

Department for Protection of Scientific Priorities

The Department for Protection of Scientific Priorities arranges and fulfils tasks regarding state secret protection, protection of information from leaking, keeps secret records and documents containing sensitive data, stores documents related to state secret protection.


Olha Mykhailivna Detynych – manager

Hanna Vitaliivna Shevchenko – chief engineer

Contact details: 239-40-36


Social Insurance Commission

The Social Insurance Commission makes decisions on allocating financial assistance and providing social services to insured persons, exercises control over the correct calculation and timely payment of financial assistance to insured persons, makes decisions on allocating vouchers to insured persons and their families for health resorts, keeps records of insured persons who need health resort treatment, rehabilitation etc.

Marian Volodymyrovych Lozynskyi – manager

Contact details: 239-45-32