The course  “Improvement of teaching skills” for the university professors has started

The course “Improvement of teaching skills” for the professors of the Ivan Franko National Univesity of Lviv started on October, 1, 2020. Taking into account the quarantine restrictions the training will be held online through the Microsoft teams platform.

The curriculum of the course consists of 4 modules “The main principles of the modern higher education”, “Modern IT-competencies in the higher educational establishments professors’ work”, “Media literacy and international communication”.

The first module “The main principles of the modern higher education” consisting of 30 academic hours of involving and useful conversation finished on October, 3, 2020. More than 500 participants from different Ukrainian universities signed up for the event.

The head of the Centre for Marketing and Development Olha Oseredchuk greeted the student during the opening part presenting the curriculum of the course and the speakers of the project.\

Liudmyla Tatsenko the manager of all educational curricula by the British Council highlighted that “improvement of teaching skills plays a major role in the development of the European ground of higher education. That is also the key topic for the British Council educational curricula in Ukraine”.

Vitalyi Kukharskyi, the vice-chancellor for research, teaching and IT-development aslo addressed the participants saying, “We tried to make this curriculum as useful for the professors as possible, therefore it includes four modules. The first module is connected with the main notions and the tendency of higher education development in Ukraine, that is why we have chosen the speakers, who can professionally speak on different aspects of the educational space”. Vitalii Mykolayovych also described the organizational component of education, testing the participants and further work of the group in detail.

Within those 3 days all volunteers had the chance to attend some interesting and useful lectures, namely:

  • Development of the educational curriculum: policy, framework, algorithm, participants, results” (by Svitlana Kalashnikova – Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, a member of the Higher education reform experts national team)
  • “The standards of higher education, results of the educational curriculum and the course” (by Yurii Rashkevych – Doctor of technical sciences, professor, a member of the Higher education reform experts national team).
  • “Providing the quality of higher education and the internal system of higher education assessment” (by Olha Oseredchuk – Candidate of historical sciences, the head of the Centre for Marketing and Development at Lviv university, the head of the experts council in the field of Culture and Arts 02 at the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance).
  • “The requirements to the compilation of the educational and methodological materials for academic disciplines”, “Development of academic curricula and the matrix of the appropriate level of the curriculum results and educational components”, “Algorithm for improvement of the curriculum of the academic discipline” (by Iryna Ivanochko – Candidate of legal sciences, the head of the Education Quality Assurance Centre at the university of Lviv).
  • “The national qualification framework, appropriate level of education, competitive approach, students-oriented studying” (by Volodymyr Bakhrushyn, Doctor of physical and mathematical studies, professor at Zaporizhzia Polytechic National University, a member of the Higher education reform experts national team)
  • “Higher education as perceived by the stakeholder: the case of “an employer” (by Maksym Pochebut, candidate of technical sciences, the manager of EPAM academic programmes in Central and Eastern Europe, the vice president the “IT in Ukraine” association in the sphere of education).

The teachers will have the opportunity to attend workshops held by the members of the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance within this course. What is important is that it will enable university professors to update the academic curriculum of at least one discipline, compile the e-learning course and learn how to use all advantages of the MOODLE system to the fullest.

It is also worth mentioning that this course is free of charge for the Ivan Franko university of Lviv employees and all the members who will complete this course will be awarded a certificate of achievements.