The Graduate of the University Taras Matviiv Died in the Joint Forces Operation Zone

The students, professors and employees of the Ivan Franko University of Lviv express deep sadness after the irreparable loss – the death of Taras Matviiv the graduate of the Faculty of Journalism, the platoon leader of the 24th mechanized brigade. The defender died on Juy, 10 2020 near Troitske in Luhansk region. At the cost of his own life he had saved his two soldiers from the burning blindage. Batallion and brigade commanders with the support of the soldiers recommended Taras Matviiv to be awarded the Hero of Ukraine for the heroism he showed. Taras was 31, he graduated from the faculty of Journalism at the Ivan Franko University of Lviv. Defending the territorial integrity of Ukraine Taras Matviiv continued to work in the sphere of journalism – his publications entered a number of periodicals in Lviv and Kyiv. During the Revolution of Dignity Taras was the member of the 3rd self-defense unit of Maidan and was the deputy of Zhydachiv district council.

We would like to express our deepest condolences to the relatives and close people of our Hero of Ukraine. The memory of Taras and everyone who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our country and each us will forever stay in the hearts of the professors and students of the Ivan Franko University of Lviv.

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