The Ivan Franko Nations University of Lviv has started a project on the development of Ukrainian study centres in Europe.

The Ivan Franko NationsUniversity of Lviv has started a project on the development of Ukrainian study centres in Europe.
As part of the inter-university agreement with the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv based on the University of Sheffield (Great Britain), a one-year Ukrainian studies pilot project (from February 2023 to January 2024) has started. According to previous agreements, during this period, four teachers of LNU named after Ivan Franko will be seconded to Sheffield University. The total project budget is £176,000.

Although the history of cooperation between Lviv and Sheffield universities is new, it gained an active pace from the first days and brought results: within the framework of the agreement, the first exchanges of University employees to Sheffield took place, the participants of which were an associate professor of the Department of Ukrainian Applied Linguistics of the Faculty of Philology Natalia Farina and associate professor of the Department of Criminal law and Criminology of the Faculty of Law Olha Denkovich. The next participants of the exchange will be teachers from the philological and historical faculties.

The pilot project with the University of Sheffield was the first step in the implementation of the large-scale initiative “Ukraine in the European educational space: language, history, culture” and laid the foundations for the further establishment and popularization of Ukrainian studies in Europe and the United States of America. Replacing the centres of the “Russian world” and de-Russification of the European educational space is the global goal of the project, the implementation of which is long-term and requires a comprehensive approach.

We wish our teachers a successful stay at the University of Sheffield and fruitful work in spreading information about Ukraine, its language, history and culture. We hope that cooperation with British universities and the University of Sheffield, in particular, will develop rapidly, and Ukrainian studies will become an important direction of our educational work.