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Nazarkevych Ihor Bohdanovych


State regulation of structural changes in the economy of Ukraine


The dissertation is devoted to the complex theoretical-methodological,
analytical and economic-institutional substantiation of the influence of state
regulation on structural transformations in the system of national economy. At the
same time, practical recommendations for the introduction of systemic measures for
structural reform of Ukraine’s economy in accordance with the principles of the
model of sustainable development have been developed and proposed.
Endogenous and exogenous factors that cause structural changes and largely
determine the level of development of the national economy. The influence of
recession shocks on changes in the development of sectoral and regional structure of
the national economy is studied. The list of the most widespread principles and levers
of realization of structural transformations by the state institutions is defined. The
conditions of formation and functioning, flexible and effective system of state
regulation of economic processes in the country are investigated. The place of
structural policy in the development of the national economy as a basic tool of the
state regulation system is substantiated. The determinants of the state structural
policy in accordance with its types and approaches to the organization of
development are substantiated. The expediency of using a reactive and proactive
system of public administration in achieving the strategic goals of the national
economy, which will more optimally determine the necessary means for their
implementation, as well as prevent and respond to negative socio-economic effects.
Methodological approaches to the assessment of structural changes in Ukraine at the
sectoral and spatial levels are considered.
The levels and features of macroeconomic dynamics in Ukraine are analyzed.
The order of estimation of structural changes on basic macroeconomic indicators is
offered and offers concerning realization of forecasting of structural shifts in the
short-term period on the basis of index methods are stated. A rating assessment of the
efficiency of small enterprises in Ukraine by various types of economic activity was
conducted. Structural changes at the national level are analyzed using an
autoregressive vector VAR model, the factor influence on dependent and independent
changes in sectors of the economy is established, which allows to optimize the state
structural policy. Integral coefficients of structural shifts in basic economic indicators
were determined.
The main factors of intellectual and innovative development of the regions are
considered. In addition, a list of basic programs in developed countries is identified
and their features are presented. The key organizational and institutional elements of
formation and implementation of projects within the public-private partnership (PPP)
are identified. The place of creative branches in the economic development of the
state is considered. The influence of creative industries on the formation of a new
model of economic growth of the national economy based on the principles of
sustainable development is substantiated. A differentiated system of investment
incentives for sectors of the national economy in accordance with strategic priorities
and scales of investment projects are proposed. The directions of stimulation of
innovative activity in Ukraine on the basis of financial and industrial policy are
offered. Ways and forms of support of innovative entrepreneurship are substantiated,
priorities of development of ecological and social economic system in Ukraine are
allocated. The directions of improvement of the state structural policy and
mechanisms of optimization of the structure of the national economy are considered.
In the dissertation the research of organizational and institutional bases of structural
reforming and effective use of social and economic potential of Ukraine is carried
out. The initial conditions, prospects and main tasks of realization of the model of
structural reforming of economy of Ukraine are defined.
Key words: structural changes, state regulation, public-private partnership,
program-target management, state structural policy, model of sustainable
development, national economy as a complexity ecological-social-economic system.

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