Yaroshevych Maryana Andriivna


Social and geographical aspects of the Eastern European Gas Hub formation

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The purpose of this thesis is to elucidate the existing surplus of underground gas storage facilities of the Western region of Ukraine and to substantiate the possibilities of using gas storages not only for the state domestic needs but also for the needs of foreign importers. In the context of this work, the socio-geographical essence of transport infrastructure is highlighted. The analysis of the natural resource base of western region is carried out. The influence of the socio-economic factor on the formation of the future gas hub is captured. The historical and geographical preconditions for the formation of gas hub are determined. The history of development of the gas industry in region is investigated, and also the history of installation of pipeline transport in the region is covered.

The geospatial aspects of gas hub formation within the western region are clarified. Two approaches have been applied: objective, which is based on analysing the statistical data and indicators; and subjective, which is characterized by the EU’s policy on a particular hub and the vision of the EU’s single energy market. The geospatial distribution of gas storage capacities is analyzed. The characteristics of underground gas storage facilities of the western region are carried out, the connection of each gas storage with the adjacent gas pipelines is established.

The management system of the leading enterprise of the fuel and energy complex of the country – the Naftogaz group –  is described. The current process of internal restructuring in accordance with the requirements of the Third Energy Package of the EU is highlighted. Through the detailed analysis of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035, the existing problems of the gas transportation system of Ukraine and the associated risks of East European Gas Hub formation are specified and detailed

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