On 21 November 2016, the book by Andrii Danylenko “From the Bible to Shakespeare: Panteleymon Kulish (1819-1897) and the Formation of the Ukrainian Literary Language” was presented within the project “Linguistic meetings”.

Andriy Danylenko is a Ukrainian-American linguist, Professor of the Department of Modern Languages and Culture at Pace University (New York), a fellow of the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute; he researches the history of Ukrainian and other Slavic languages, the issues of Indo-European and areal-typological linguistics, the issues of Slavic ethnic genesis, linguistic and cultural relations between the Slavic and Muslim world, the history of the literary Ukrainian language. He is the author of numerous works on Slavic linguistics and Ukrainian Studies.

Andriy Danylenko’s report, which he presented at Lviv University, was dedicated to the research of Panteleymon Kulish’s translations of the Bible and Shakespeare. Moreover, it is for the first time that Kulish’s translations are researched in the context of the creation of a new Ukrainian literary language in two historical parts of Ukraine – Halychyna and Naddniprianshchyna.