On October 18-30, 2021, the Department of Development and Fundraising held working meetings within the joint project of Lviv University and Bayrot University (Germany) «United for the planet»

Two intensive weeks of training and interaction between the participants from Ukraine and Germany took place within the program “MEET UP! Youth for Partnership” with the assistance of the EVZ Foundation. Preparations for the program began in August.

The aim of the project  was to develop the awareness among the Ukrainian and German youth which corresponds to the Twelfth UN Goal, namely on waste sorting, responsible consumption and efficient use of natural resources.

The project included online meetings of students and young people from Ukraine and Germany. The participants shared their experiences, listened to the lectures, talked to the industry experts, worked in teams and, as a result, created 6 short animated videos about responsible consumption, technologies for new materials creation and waste sorting. The videos can be used by various environmental organizations, as well as at schools or universities. Thanks to these videos, gaining knowledge about materials creation technologies and responsible consumption will become more interesting for children and adults.

The main priority of the project «United for the planet»  is to share experiences and to promote waste reuse.

Today, most Ukrainian enterprises get rid of waste by way of  land disposal. This method does not allow obtaining additional energy and raw materials. Thanks to the project, the trend of responsible consumption will spread among the modern generation and this will help not only to reduce the level of environmental pollution, but also in general, to improve the ecology of the state.