Student’s life of University does not only consist of lectures, seminars, study and science, it also includes various sports and cultural events, which comprehensively make students’ years – the best in the life.

Due to numerous events students have an opportunity to be enriched spiritually, to develop and demonstrate their athletic talents, learn to communicate and work with people.

At the University operates the Center of culture and leisure “Lys Mykyta”, which creates the conditions for comprehensive and harmonious development of personality, as well as equipped sports complex, which offers students the opportunity to visit about ten sports sections and a swimming pool.

The Festival of arts “Talents of Franko University”, Shevchenko concerts, the feast of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, the events devoted to the Ukrainian insurgent army, Western Ukrainian National Republic, the feast of Andrew, Christmas Nativity Play and many other interesting and unforgettable events are annually organized at the University.