An important and integral part of the University is scientific work. The research Department (R&D) works on the organization and control over the implementation of scientific research at the University. It structurally consists of 17 research laboratories, 9 institutes, 6 museums, the Astronomical Observatory, the Botanical Garden and the Scientific Library. Six research facilities of the University have the status of national heritage.

The basis of the University scientific potential are the well-known in Ukraine and in the world scientific schools such as: Solid State Physics; Theoretical physics; Crystal chemistry; Physics-chemistry of polymers; Biochemistry and molecular biology; Bioenergy and electrophysiology of secretory cells; Academician E. Lazarenko’s Mineralogical school; Professor M.Yermakov ‘s Thermobarogeochemical School; Lviv Scientific School of Precambrian Geology and Metallogeny; Engineering, ecological and regional geomorphology; Territorial organization of society; Genetic soil science; Comprehensive analysis; Functional analysis; Mechanics of a deformable solid; Numerical modeling and optimization of physical and mechanical fields; Agro-industrial complex of Ukraine development research, state regulation of cross-border entrepreneurship in the context of globalization; Economic and mathematical modeling in the management of economic and production systems; French Studies; Slavic Studies; History of socio-political processes in Ukraine; General theory of human rights; Protection of the victim’s rights and legitimate interests and other subjects of criminal proceedings.

Today, the University conducts research on 48 topics funded by the state budget of Ukraine (including 24 fundamental, 18 applied and 6 economic).

In 2019, 1,898 research and teaching staff were involved in research work at L’viv National University, including 229 Doctors of Sciences and 1,140 PhDs. Among the 154 full-time employees of the University research department – 9 doctors of sciences and 72 PhDs.

Ivan Franko National University of L’viv has significant achievements in scientific work. The University research work is financed by three sources: the state budget of Ukraine, economic contracts and international funds and institutions grants. Since 2015, there has been an increase in funding from both the state budget of Ukraine and other sources. In particular, in 2019, the expected revenues from the budget amount to UAH 26,953 thousand (UAH 4,788 thousand will be used to support the national property of Ukraine facilities).

In 2018, the University researches published 94 monographs, 17 textbooks, 109 textbooks, 3,853 articles, among them: in publications that have an impact factor – 233; in publications that are included in the scientometric database Scopus – 381; in publications included in the scientometric database Web of Science – 332; in publications that are included in the database Index Copernicus – 645 .

The most effective developments of the University’s scientists are protected by 24 patents for inventions and utility models, 27 patent applications have been filed.

Today, the University takes a number of measures to improve the research and innovation organization, including:

  •   The Statute and the University Science Park constituent documents were developed;
  •   the Institute of Functional Materials and the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology and Biotechnology were established;
  •   Seminars to prepare projects for participation in the EU Framework Program for HORIZON-2020 Research and Innovation were held;
  •  new international grants were raised, new economic contract topics were opened;
  •  the system of scientific work rating estimation for faculties, departments, divisions, research subjects, scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers is introduced;
  • the introduction of departments and employees scientific reporting electronic system has begun.