Over 60 conferences, seminars, forums are held at the University each year. More than half of them are of international status. During the 2014/2015 academic year the scientists of the Lviv National University presented LNU_04162249 reports at conferences of different levels. Over 1200 students attended scientific conferences; 172 representatives of the University went to conferences and seminars abroad; 868 teaching staff from 28 countries visited Lviv University. 328 of them took part in international conferences and seminars organized by the University. Lviv University is an active participant in the scientific life of Ukraine and the world, as evidenced by the numbers listed above, because behind each of them is not only a speech at a conference or seminar, but abstracts and articles, which in almost all cases are scientific novelty.


Especially popular among the academic community of the University are already traditional variety of events and meetings with representatives of the international scientific, social, political and cultural elites: Nobel laureates, professors of leading world universities, prominent public figures and politicians.