Under present-day conditions the position of an educational establishment in the national and world international ranking of higher educational establishments can be considered as one of the most important indicators of the university progress and success. Each of the rankings uses its assessment system based on a number of the criteria starting with quantitative indicators (general numerical quantity of students/workers) to the academic reputation of a higher educational establishment (it is determined by means of surveying a group of experts and employers).

The consolidated rating of Ukrainian universities, which was developed by the educational information resource “Osvita.ua” in 2016, includes 269 Ukrainian universities of III-IV levels of accreditation. The most authoritative among experts and mass media national and international rankings of Ukrainian universities, such as : Top-200 Ukraine, Scopus and Webometrics, were used as data source for consolidated ranking. Each of them uses different evaluation criteria. The university ranks fifth among Ukrainian universities.

L’viv University has once again confirmed its scientific reputation. According to the scientometric base “Scopus” latest indicators, the University is one of the leaders in the ranking of Higher Education Institutions of Ukraine. The rating results are based on the bibliographic database “Scopus” indicators, which is a tool for scientific articles citation tracking published by the employees in scientific journals. In 2019 the University retains the 3rd position among 163 Universities and Colleges in Ukraine. In January 2018, the number of scientific publications at L’viv University was 6,536, the number of articles citations – 37,762, the H-number was 60.


One of the most prestigious university rankings in the world is Webometrics (Webometrics Ranking of World’s Universities), which covers twelve thousand universities from around the world and is published twice a year. Over the last year, the University has been actively improving its position in the rankings. According to the rating publication that took place in January, the University rose to 4th position among the other Ukrainian Universities.

According to the Universities webometric ranking uniRank University Ranking 2019, L’viv University pursued from 4th to 3rd place among 171 Ukrainian Universities. The ranking is arranged by the Austrian company uniRank and it covers more than 12 thousand universities from 200 countries.

In 2018–2019, Lviv University remains in the top three universities in Ukraine according to the world ranking University Ranking by Academic Performance. The methodology is based on data obtained from the Institute of Scientific Information and takes into account the number of articles, citations and the overall impact of citations.

This year the University has already entered one of the most authoritative world university rankings THE World University Ranking. The citations indicators and official web- representations attendance of universities around the world are taken into account. L’viv University is one of the five most popular universities in Ukraine. L’viv University has also submitted information to another authoritative world ranking – QS World University Ranking. The results will be published in June 2019. QS World University Ranking provides a ranking of the best higher education institutions in the world in terms of their achievements in education and science.

According to the publication, which appeared in January, of the Webometrics Ranking of World’s Universities, the L’viv National University ranks 10th among Ukrainian universities. While trying to improve our position in Webometrics, many measures have been taken in order to register university teachers in Google Scholar – a free accessible search engine that indexes the full text of scientific publications in all formats and disciplines.

According to “TOP 200 best universities of Ukraine” rating in 2017-2018, L’viv University ranked 10th among Ukrainian Universities and Colleges. In 2019 it ranked 9th place, and in 2020 – the 8th place in Ukraine.