Curriculum and Instruction Department

Address: 1, Universytetska str, room 252

Tel.: (+38 032) 239-47-38,  239-47-39

E-mail: navchast@lnu.edu.ua

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7International Office

Address: 1, Universytetska str, room 209

Tel.: (+38 032) 239-41-15

E-mail: international.office@lnu.edu.ua

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Address: 1, Universytetska str, room 221a

Tel.: (+38 032) 239-45-04

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10Students’ Department

Address: 1, Universytetska str, room 225

Tel.: (+38 032) 239-42-61

E-mail: stud_vid@lnu.edu.ua

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University Psychological Services Agency

Adress: 79000, Lviv, Doroshenko str. 41, Faculty of Geography, 3 floor, room. 103

Tel.: (+38 032)  239-41-70,  (+38 063) 038-37-38

E-mail:  psysluzhba.lnu@gmail.com



Office of the Registrar

This is an independent structural unit that receives and registers documents (including materials sent by e-mail, post, courier service, etc.), systematizes official papers, submits them to the university management or functional units for implementation, provides advisory services regarding relevant documents execution. Provides well-timed review of incoming, outgoing and internal documentation; receives and registers applications and complaints from employees and students.


Savchuk Iryna Ihorivna – head of department

Nagirna Nataliia Volodymyrivna – forwarding agent

Halak Khrystyna Мyroslavivna – typewriter

Denysenko Liudmyla Vasylivna– chief inspector on performance control

Vasyo Tetyana Mykhailivna – secretary

Polashchenko Netyana Sergiivna – typewriter

Harytonova Olena Vitaliivna – secretary

Kinash Оlha Yevheniivna – secretary

Makar Mariia Mykhailivna – secretary

Tel.: 239 43 25

Fax: 261 60 48

Working hours: Monday -Friday 9:00 -18:00

Adress: Universytetska str, 1, room. 118



Human Resources Department

Provides document flow on personnel issues: administers academic staff, training and supporting staff and general service staff recruitment, transfer, promotion, firing according to employment legislations and rector’s decrees. Administers employees’, doctoral students’ postgraduates’, magistrands’ and external and internal study modes students’ personal files calculates job tenure and academic track records, controls seniority payment settings schedules vacation timetables and their records, holds office hours for employees issues within the competence of the personnel department.


Dzikovs’ka Mariia Ihorivna – head of department

Homik Nataliia Bohdanivna – Senior engineer (1st category) of Research Department

Volovets’ka Pavlyna Yuliivna – chief inspector

Students’ Department

Babiy Larysa Sergiivna  – senior specialist

Kudashova Halynа Petrivna  – senior specialist

Zamostna Nadiia Bohdanivna  – chief inspector

Rudka Mariia Ihorivna – chief inspector

Academic Staff Sector

Posivnych Liudmyla Anatoliivna  – senior specialist

Kost’ Iryna Ivanivna  – senior specialist

Kukhar OksanaVolodymyrivana  – senior specialist

Pavlusiv Olha  Yosypivna  – chief inspector

Behen Iryna Romanivna – chief inspector

Savchuk Natalia Vasylivna –inspector

Training and supporting staff and general service staff sector

Koliubinska Liubov Volodymyrivna  – senior specialist

Martyak Tetyana Myronivna  – senior specialist

Burka Olena Zinoviivna  – chief inspector

Yaremchuk Lidiia Romanivna  – chief inspector

Tel.: 239-47-66

Academic staff sector: 239-47-26

Students’ sector: 239-45-76, 239-42-92

Training and supporting staff and general service staff sector: 239-41-71

Visiting hours: 14:30 – 16:30

Adress: Universytetska str, 1, room. 101-104.



Legal Department

Organizes work on compliance with legal and institutional basis  of University activities; guarantees  instruments of legislation  and other normative acts correct implementation, participates in the preparation of  employees and undergraduates personnel orders, acts for and on behalf of university in a court and other institutions in seeking to resolve law matters and controversions, warrants  proper application of labor, pension and other legislation, prevents employees’ violation of the rights and legitimate interests. Advises heads of units, individuals and students on legal issues connected with the production, economic and social activities of the university. The department is integral to preparation of decrees and other university acts, which govern the organization units relations and their property responsibility.


Gudz Bohdan Danylovych– H.T head of department.

Ivanochko Iryna Bohdanivna –legal advisor, designated person on prevention and counteraction of corruption

Payenok Anna Oleksandrivna – legal advisor

Smolyn Yaroslav Vasylyovych – legal advisor

Tel.: 239-44-30

Adress: Universytetska str, 1,room. 108




Maintains Lviv University documents since1939, monitors the state of their storage, accepts from structural units archival documents with different types of media, accumulates and records them, conducts preliminary examination of the documents value, compiles and coordinates file registers,  works to improve scientific -research archive administration, organizes archival documents usage in the search room, provides archival files, copies, excerpts  from documents to entities and persons due to their requests.


Herun Vasyl’ Bohdanovych – Head of the Archive

Dopira Oksana Petrivna – bookbinder of the Archive

Derko Vladylav Vasylyovych – clerk

Hlanta Halyna Mykhailivna – clerk

Sidun Olena Borysivna – record keeper

Golub Sofia Stepanivna – record keeper

Volovets’ka Pavlyna Yuriivna – record keeper

Demchuk Mark Vasylyovych – record keeper

Parzey Yuliia Volodymyrivna- record keeper

Savchuk Anna Yuriivna- record keeper

Molodez’ka Mariia Ruslanivna- record keeper

Visiting Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 14:00 – 17:00

Search room visiting hours: Wednesday 10:00 – 17:00

Tel.: 239-43-79, 239-40-61, +380970018219

Adress: Lviv, Doroshenko str, 41, room. 14

Web-site: http://archive.lnu.edu.ua/



OSH Department (Occupational Safety and Health Department)

Together with other departments it takes comprehensive measures to achieve the established standards of  employees and students labor protection, develops programs to improve them, prevents occupational injuries, occupational diseases, provides organizational and methodological assistance in the implementation of planned activities. Verifies that workers comply with the requirements of occupational safety and health regulations. Conducts introductory training and education on occupational safety with employees, explains certain terms. Monitors the implementation of measures according to programs and plans to improve safety, occupational health and the working environment, as well as those aimed at eliminating the causes of accidents and occupational diseases.


Polishchuk Vasyl’ Ivanovych– Head of department

Hur Bohdan Oleksiyovych – senior engineer (1st category)

Mel’nyk Oleksandr Yosypovych – senior specialist

Mykiyevych Mariia Mykhailivna– Senior engineer (1st category)

Voloshyn Oksana Izydorivna – Senior engineer (1st category)

Hodus Halyna  Галина Izydorivna – Senior engineer (1st category)

Tel: 239-41-49

Adress: Lviv, Doroshenko str, 41



Fire Safety Department

Supervises the law and legal acts enforcement on fire safery at university, well-timed implementation of  fire-safety measures during the renovation, reconstruction  and  improvement of  university premises, designs evacuation plans for employees and students, provides instruction manuals on university fire protection facilities and their usage.


Sorokopud Yevhenii Mykhailovych – head of department

Onys’ko Orest Stepanovych – інструктор з протипожежної безпеки

Prodai Tetiana Mykolaiivna– Senior engineer (1st category)

Tel.: 239-45-15



Military mobilization department

Administers military mobilization work at university, keeps personal records of bound to military service people, army draftees, youth undergoing pre-conscription military training, who work or study at university, prepares reports on the state of mobilization training, conducts explanatory and educational work among bound to military service students and employees, prepares and issues deferment from the draft certificate.


Hovenko Ihor Yaroslavovych – head of department

Vladimirova Lesia Teodorivna – chief inspector

Kachmaryk Tetyana Mykolaivna– chief inspector

Phone.: 239-47-59

Adress: Lviv, Doroshenko str, 41



Emergency Department

Plans measures to prevent emergencies and monitors their implementation, organizes and provides in due order civil defense teaching and trainings, as well as life safety, man-caused and fire safety trainings for university students, designs activities on civil defense for teaching and educational process participants in case of emergencies, informs the university staff about the threat of emergency or emergencies, accumulates and stores individual protective means.


Bul’diak Roman Stepanovych – head of department

Tel.: 239-32-83



Training equipment department

Supplies university training equipment with constituent parts and consumable materials, computers, office automation equipment and lab equipment repair, charges off worked-out tools and engineering materials. Fits out network equipment, supports technical state of multimedia equipment, and supports conferences, seminars, thesis defenses, technical teaching aids.


Zaplatynskiy Volodymyr Dmytrovych – head of department

Kobylets’kiy Ivan Yosypovych- head of laboratory on dismantlement and utilization of worn out appliances and technical means

Tel.: 239-47-05



Information Security Department (Scientific preferences protection department)

Takes on the tasks of national security information protection, protection from illegitimate leak of data. Maintains secret documentation with restricted access and keeps National security information documents


Detynych Olha Mykhailivna– head of department

Shevchenkо Hanna Vitaliivna – Senior engineer

Tel.: 239-40-36



Social insurance commission

Makes decisions on material security assignments and social services for insured people, controls proper calculation and on time repayment of money to insured,makes decisions about health resort and preventative clinics vouchers appropriation for insured people and  members of their families, keeps records of insured persons who need sanatorium-resort treatment and health promotion, etc.

Kachmar Volodymyr Mykhailovych – Head of Commission

Tel.: 239-45-32