Biological and Geographical Base in Shatsk


Educational and scientific base of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. The base is located in Shatsk district of Volyn region at the territory of the Shatsk National Park (SNP) in the tract of the lake Sandy on the area of 4.74 hectares, which is owned by Lviv University by an act of the State for the right for permanent use.

Alpine base in Kvasy village


It is located in the sub alpine zone of Chornohirsk massif at Menchul Kvasivskyi meadow overlooking Chorna Tisa river between the tracts of Vaskul and Shumneska at the foot of the Menchul summit at an altitude of 1210 m above sea levelnear the village of Kvasy (Rakhiv district of Transcarpathian region).

Roztotsk landscape-geophysical base (Bryukhovychi)

It is located within the hill ridge of Rostotsk. It is the only in the western regions of Ukraine base that has a continuous series of day-night actinometrical and meteorological measurements.

Geological base in Chornohirya (Vorohta)

It is located in the Carpathian Mountains (Chornohora massif) in the top of the Prut river (Carpathian National Nature Park), at a distance of 17 kilometers from the village of Vorokhta (Yaremche City Council of Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Laboratory of ecological and geological research in the urban village of Verhnye Synyovydne

Field Laboratory for eco-geological studies of Geological Faculty. The identity and difference of the area lies primarily in the fact that it is terraced basin of nearly round shape, and not stretched between the ridges as the majority of valleys. The radius of the basin is almost 15 km, so there are more than half a dozen villages here (Nyzhnye Synyovydne, Verhnye Synyovydne, Korchyn, Mezhybrody, Dubyna, Tyshivnytsya).

Dniester geographical base in the urban village of Yezupil

It operates as a basic ground for the practical training of students of Geographical Faculty of Lviv University. It is located in the village of Yezupil (Tysmenytsya district of Ivano-Frankivsk region). This is a unique geomorphological region where there are many geomorphological objects of various genesis situated at a small area.