«Phase diagrams and phase transitions» course finished

On 25 November 2018 «Phase diagrams and phase transitions» course (in English) of a prominent researcher of Department of Quantum Physics, Geneva University (Switzerland), Dr. Enrico Giannini finished at Lviv University. Students and post-graduate students of the Faculty of Chemistry and Physics of the University, who attended lectures and practical classes for two weeks, received certificates after completion of the course. We hope that the visit of Dr E. Giannini will be a good start to the opening of the English-language master’s course in the field of inorganic materials science at the University.

The lecturer and students shared the positive impressions of the course.

‘During the last two weeks, I have enjoyed giving a short series of lectures about “Phase Diagrams and Phase Transitions” to students in Chemistry and Physics at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. Both undergraduate and graduate students have attended the lectures and
contributed to a lively atmosphere, with brilliant questions and stimulating discussions. I warmly thank the Vice-Rector of the University, Professor Roman Gladyshevskii, for inviting me for this initiative. This was the first step towards a wider and more ambitious master program on materials
science, to be launched soon and given in English, which would represent a unique opportunity for the students of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.’

Dr Enrico Giannini,
Department of Quantum Matter Physics
University of Geneva

‘It was a great honor and satisfaction to listen to the course” Phase Diagrams and Phase Transitions” by Dr. Enrico Giannini, a leading scientist at the University of Geneva. During lectures and practical classes, we had the opportunity to repeat what we learned earlier, learn something new and just improve our English. Interesting, easy and useful lessons.’

Liana Zinko,
a postgraduate student of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry

‘The course “Phase diagrams and phase transitions “, conducted by Dr. Enrico Giannini during the last two weeks, was aimed at a wide audience of listeners. The availability of the material and the constant reinforcement of the theoretical information with interesting examples made the lecture material easy to perceive. Practical classes were held in such a way that everyone was able to try their hand and get answers to questions. Dr. E. Giannini encouraged the students to engage in constant dialogue and freely shared his experience.’

Iryna Stetskiv,
a postgraduate student of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry

‘The course “Phase diagrams and phase transitions” has become an interesting experiment. The material of the lectures was not new for me, because we have listened to this course in the framework of the magistracy. However, he was very helpful as he considered the main aspects of working with state diagrams, as well as the features and problems that can arise in the synthesis of compounds and how they can be solved. “

Myroslava Horiacha,
a postgraduate student of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry

“The lectures of Dr. Enrico Giannini were extremely rich and informative. In a short time, he was able to cover a large amount of material and cover it from different points of view. Moreover, during the lectures and practical classes Dr. Giannini explained in detail all the nuances and gladly answered the questions of the students. In my opinion, the material of this course was useful not only to students and postgraduates of the Faculty of Chemistry but also to the Faculty of Physics.’

Natalia Hulai,
a postgraduate student of the Department of Analytical Chemistry

“I am convinced that everyone who visited the “Phase diagrams and phase transitions” course agrees that this is a truly unique opportunity for our University students: a lecturer from one of the leading universities in Europe came to share their knowledge and experience. I am glad that I was able to pass this course and deepen my own knowledge. “

Vasyl Stotskyi,
student of the Faculty of Chemistry

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