Startup Battle impressed everybody – participants, spectators, referees, guests! This is an event that left unforgettable impressions! And it was cool!

Since now officially. It was a finishing class of ” Innovation and entrepreneurship in IT” course for bachelors of the 4th year studying and “Preparing of scientific innovative projects” for postgraduate students of the 2nd course of specialization “Computer studies”. Both courses were conducted by Associate Professor of the Department of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies Ihor Bogdanovych Katerniak. During the studies learners:
– identified IT capabilities to create new values;
– evaluated their own idea on the subject of innovative implementation and the prospects of its dissemination in business;
– learned about the business model and demonstrated the intention to start a business case (startup);
– gathered teams that are working on transforming the idea into a real business project learned to work in a team and demonstrated leadership qualities;
– created their own business models for start-up;
– prepared the concept of a business project;
– dealt with the various financial mechanisms of the business ensuring, understood how financial institutions work in the investment market;
– identified potential partners and built a promotional strategy.
The results are the following: 16 teams, 16 different projects.
The projects were assessed by the jury:
Taras Kytsmey, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Board Member, SoftServe, Lviv, Ukraine
Thomas Arctædius, CEO, Ph.D., CEO, Ayond AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Andreas Nilsson, Ph.D., Head of Research & Innovation Intelleqt Information Technologies AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Andreas: «Congratulations to all students for taking their first step towards becoming entrepreneurs. Find Your problem, and fall in love with it. Good luck!»

Taras Nenchuk, Ph.D., Department of Electronics and Computer Technology, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv, Ukraine

Ihor Katerniak, Ph.D., Department of Electronics and Computer Technology, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, UDL System, Lviv, Ukraine.

Ihor: « Each of us has experienced such moments in life when we made wishes when we thought about our mission in this life. Some have a plan to build a “missile” for its super idea, but it requires large resources, a lot of time, confidentiality, and not the fact that such a mission will be successful. Then someone chooses a “civilian plane” for his trip such as the Boeing 747 or the Airbus A380, which already has 40 to 400 passengers aboard, and it is possible that along the way will have to make several more transfers from the company to the company to reach its place appointment. Such a flight is quite safe, but still comfort depends on the weather conditions in the corporation and the possible legal turbulence in the state.
And someone builds his own “aircraft” on the prototype of the military (fast and maneuverable) so that the very adverse conditions (general uncertainty) ensured its competitiveness on the way to achieving the goals. Therefore, assemble your professional crew who will share your ideas with you so that each of your intentions to start your own business (start-up) becomes what will ensure your movement, lead you to success, bring you closer to your dreams. Make your mission successful!”.

The winner:

EasyVisit with the slogan «We won’t let you starve to death». The goal is to create the tool that will help a client to obtain service and to make it more efficient and successful for food providers. Both restaurants’ owners and visitors will benefit from using this app “Easy Visit”.

from Iryna Halenok, Anastasiia Kozubska, Veronika Khlibyshyn, Lesja Sikora, Olha Zarytska.

Prize places:

The 2nd place was divided between projects:

PresentUp with the slogan «Share your ideas effectively», their project is a web service and a mobile application that solves the problem of interaction between the speaker and the audience during the performance and offline.

from Victor Apopiy, Oleksandr Seredenko, Sergiy Hrabarskiy, Vitaliy Lyashenko, Rostyslav Harvanko.


GSM socket with the slogan «Live with a clear conscience!», GSM socket- device, that allows you to automatize and remotely control any electronic devices connected to it. GSMs01p, has a number of improvements, like an ability to connect additional sensors, control via SMS, ability to integrate with smart home systems and other, not that significant but demandable functions

from DK-team

The 3rd place:

SetCLEF. «We will help to hear and change the music». Web-based service that converts musical notes out of scan or high-quality photo to music XML that will allow the user to change notes easily for making covers

from Orest Kychma, Oleh Kaskun.

Special distinction from experts from Sweden:

The project NewCourth with the slogan “Save time, money and nerves».Solving legal problems takes a great amount of time and nerves. Our platform would help people to solve them online. They describe the problem, pay for services and, in turn, lawyers interested in this matter can take it for consideration. People can transfer affairs to the lawyers without meeting thus saving their time significantly
from від Matviy Kurylo, Ostap Pavlentiy, Halyna Liashkevych, Ludmila Rubas, Uliana Lysiak.

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