Brikner Tetiana Volodymyrivna


The language image of nature in the Ivan Franko’s artistic prose

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The dissertation is devoted to the research of the semantic space of the language
image of nature and the attributive characteristics of natural objects in Ivan Franko’s
artistic prose.
The content and features of the notion of “language image” are determined.
Language image is considered as a fragment of the language picture of the world, which is
a verbalized complex of knowledge, ideas and experience about specific objects,
phenomena of reality, which preserves a national and individual interpretation of
worldview. The importance of studying this category in terms of semantics and taking into
account the extra-linguistic factors and its influence on the meanings and sense is
The specificity of language representation of the image in the individual-author’s
picture of the world is established. Emphasis is placed on the need to study language
images of nature in prose in correlation with the cultural code of the nation and the writer’s
outlook. The peculiarities of the national language picture of the world and its relationship
with the writer’s linguistic creativity are considered.
The concept of “semantic space of the language image” is singled out. It outlines
the features of its verbalization and an artistic and semantic content. The semantic
structure of lexemes for the denotion of nature objects in prose is revealed. It captures the
conventional perception of the environment, ethno-specific and individual parameters of
interpretation of reality. The special attention is paid to the analysis of semantic
increments in certain contextual conditions. The language image in artistic speech is also
actualizes with the help of symbols, metaphors, metonymy. It reveals the individual
manner of world’s categorization and understanding. The subjective writer’s outlook, his
personal associations, creative intentions that cause the emergence of connotative semantic
components are outlined. The involvement of mythological, folklore and religious
parameters in forming the semantic space of language images of natural objects is found
Attention is focused on features of Ivan Franko’s perception of nature and its
artistic reflection in the prose. The objects that reveal the language image of nature in the
writer’s works are the earth, forest, mountains, water, sky and sun. The importance of
studying their attributive peculiarities is emphasized in order to find out the originality of
artistic interpretation of the environment. The attributive characteristics of the images of
nature, which outline the original poly-aspect description of Ukrainian nature in
I. Franko’s prose, are analyzed. It also reveals the occasional lexemes which are the result
of a subjective vision of the world. It is established that the main parameter of its
expression is the visual perception of the environment.
The results obtained in the thesis on the explication and semantic of language
images of natural objects in the writer’s artistic prose illustrate the peculiarities of the
author’s worldview, conditioned by the synthesis of subjective, ethno-cultural and artistic
aspects of verbalization of fragments of reality.
Keywords: language image of nature, semantic space of the language image,
national language picture of the world, individual author’s picture of the world, lexemes,
semantics, artistic and semantic content, sema, semantic increment, connotation,
attributive characteristics.

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