The Project “University for School Students” Has Started

The presentation within the project “University for School Students” for future university applicants was held online on October, 19. According to the organizers not only will the project let the students get acquainted with Lviv university, but it will also help the high school students successfully pass the external independent evaluation and enter the university and study the speciality of their dreams. The employee of the Department for marketing and communication Anna Yanchuk was the moderator of the event.


The representative of the University psychological service psychologist Svitlana Nezabytovska gave the students some advice on how to overcome worry when preparing for the test. Her presentation “External independent evaluation stop stress” has covered a range of pieces of advice with the elements of self-evaluation. The psychologist mentioned that “Certainty calms and adds some motivation” highlighting that “our dreams often turn into our goals”. Svitlana Nezabytovska told the students about the key elements of the correct choice and realization of their potential and shared some advice on how to solve the problems, setting the priorities and systematization of information that taken together will help efficiently prepare for the external independent evaluation.


The head of the Department for career guidance arrangement of the Lviv regional employment Centre Zoriana Plakhotiuk spoke about basic social skills. In particular, the speaker described the universal social skills helping people interact with each other, namely soft skills and professional skills, required to fulfill the job function – hard skills. Zoriana also offered students to take a psycho-geometrics test to determine their career aptitude, the result of which helped the participants learn about their strengths and weaknesses and outline the scope of their professional activity.


The climax of the meeting was the presentation of the project “The University for School Students”. The head of the Ivan Franko University of Lviv Marketing and Development Centre Olha Oseredchuk presented the aim and the main tasks of the project to its participants. In particular, Olha Oseredchuk highlighted that within the project the university professors will communicate on the complicated and required topics of the major academic disciplines. The curriculum presupposes a number of video lectures that are intended to help the 10 and 11-year students prepare for the independent external evaluation and broaden their knowledge of certain spheres.


The first video lecture presented was “The fundamentals of archeology” by Yaroslav Onushchyk, doctor of historical sciences, the docent of the Archeology and Special Branches of Historical Science. The following video lectures of the project “University for School Students” will be published on Mondays on the University YouTube Channel.

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Photo by Yulia Hrytsenko

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