The long-time Secretary General of the European Parliament, Klaus Welle, visited the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

On May 25, 2023, the Secretary General of the European Parliament in 2009-2022, German politician and diplomat Klaus Welle visited the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. During his stay at the University, Klaus Welle talked with Rector Volodymyr Melnyk and the students of the University, as well as got acquainted with the rich history of LNU of Ivan Franko in the History Museum of the University.

During the meeting between Volodymyr Melnyk and Klaus Welle, which was also attended by the Vice-Rector for Research, Teaching and International Cooperation Serhiy Riznyk and the Head of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Lyubomir Borakovskii, it was discussed the active integration of Ivan Franko University into the scientific, educational and social space of the European Union countries.

Having welcomed the long-time Secretary General of the European Parliament to the University, Volodymyr Melnyk expressed his gratitude to Klaus Welle for his consistent support for Ukraine on the way to democratic transformations, and for his help in confronting the Russian aggressor during a full-scale war.

“Now a kind of civilizational transition is underway when there is a reassessment of good and evil, truth and untruth, justice and arbitrariness, a rethinking of human values. And we are grateful to you for the fact that you, being in the vortex of civilizational and political processes, help Ukraine to endure and win, and therefore contribute to the construction of a European society based on the principles of democracy and justice. Without the consolidated support of Europe, Ukraine’s prospects would be very difficult. Thank you for giving us the right to hope for peace and life, for peace as a way of life,” the Rector emphasized and added that for Ivan Franko University, cooperation with leading educational and scientific institutions in Europe is one of the priorities because it opens up prospects for intensification of scientific research and adaptation of the educational process to the latest European standards.

Klaus Welle, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to visit Ivan Franko University, emphasized that Ukraine’s struggle against the Russian aggressor is not only a war for the future of Ukraine but also for the fate of all of Europe.

“The struggle continues for what rules will determine the further development of Europe: will we be imposed the imperial rules of the past, the rules of the empire, the rules of cruelty, or will we use the rules of the 21st century, that is, the rules of cooperation, interaction and mutual understanding. Now the fate of Europe is decided in Ukraine, and we are very glad that Ukraine is ready to fight for these principles,” Klaus Welle emphasized, adding that the European Union intends to support Ukraine as long as it is needed.

After the meeting with the Rector, Klaus Welle presented the lecture “Ukraine, Europe and the Return of Geopolitics” to the students of the University. In it, one of the most experienced politicians of the European Parliament talked about the challenges that Europe has faced since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, emphasising the importance of minimizing Europe’s energy dependence on Russia and the importance of Ukraine in the modern geopolitical space.

“Today we understand that we cannot lose Ukraine because then we will lose all of Europe. As long as Ukraine is independent, we are safe. That is why it is so important… The world has already seen how brave Ukrainians are, what incredible people you have. And we also have to understand that after the end of the war, when Ukraine wins, you will definitely have the second, but perhaps even the first, army in Europe. And we will do everything necessary to make it so,” announced Klaus Welle.