Ihor Mykhailovych (29 February 1960, Lviv) is an economist, Candidate of Economic Sciences (Socio-Economic Problems of Environmental Quality in the Sphere of Agro-Industrial Complex, 1986), Associate Professor (1993), Doctor of Political Economy (Modern Ecological and Economic Systems, 1996), Doctor of Economic Sciences (Ecological and Economic System of Ukraine (Problems of Macroeconomic Efficiency), 1998), Prof. (2001).  He graduated from the Faculty of Economy of the Lviv University (1982), studied for a doctorate in the Ukrainian Free University (Munich, 1994–96), Research Scientist of the The Elliott School of International Affairs in the GWU (the USA, 1995, 2003); trained at the Institute of Economic Studies of Vienna University of Economics and Business and Austrian Institute of Economic Research (2004). He was engaged as a Head of the Educational and Methodical Office of the Department of Political Economy (1982–88), Assistant of the Department of Political Economy (1988–91), Assistant (1991–93), Associate Professor (1993–98), Professor of the Department of Economic Theory (1998–2000), Deputy Dean on Research and Educational Work of the Faculty of Economics (1999–2000), Head of the Department of International Economic Relations of the Lviv Univ. (since 2000).

Research interests: problems of ecological and economic efficiency of modern national economic systems; Ihor Mykhailovych has formulated the concept of absolute and relative ecological and economic advantage in international trade.

Ihor Hrabynskyi is the author of about 200 works, among which Ecological and Economic System of Ukraine (Lviv, 1997); World Agriculture in a globalized economy (Lviv, 2005); Polish-Ukrainian Economic Relations: Chances and Challenges (Lublin, 2008); Modern Economic Systems (Lviv, 1996, 1997).

He was a head of scientific and research works «Improving the Mechanism of Ukraine’s Foreign Economic Activity in the Context of Joining European Integration Systems» (2000–01); «The Сoncept of Sustainable Ecological and Economic Development of Ukraine in Terms of Integration into the European Union» (2002–04); «Theoretical Fundamentals for Identifying Comparative Environmental and Economic Advantages in Ukraine’s Foreign Trade» (2005–07); «Theoretical Fundamentals of the Identification and Analysis of the Innovative Factor of Economic Growth of Ukraine in the Context of Foreign Trade Liberalization» (2008–10).

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